Memorial Macaron Weekend Macaron au Citron Vert

Starting Saturday at 8:00 am, a late start, but it is a holiday weekend. Most of the day was preparing macarons: Chocolate Espresso with a dark Chocolate Ganache and Macaron Framboise avec Ganache blanc et noir

My new favorite Macaron au Citron Vert with and amazing Creamy Yellow Pastry Cream.
Italian Meringue, egg whites, and sugar syrup ready to be mixed with almond, sugar, and flavoring mixture.
This is the Tant Pour Tant , already ground and waiting for the liquid egg whites.
Starting to mix the two mixtures to make the macaronnage.
Below are the macrons piped out, they need to rest for an hour and half to develop skins. After this they are ready to go into the oven.
We eagerly wait for these little green beauties to develop the “foot.” This is what makes these cookies a macaron! If you look close enough you might see little feet on the bottom.
They finished and we filled them! These are my favorite! The taste of the lime pops out while the filling is delicate and sweetly balance the tartness of the lime. Looks like the beginning of summer to me!

The perfect macaron

There is not one air pocket, the filling remains inside the two shells, and the taste is a delicate, delicious tart punch with an lime aroma that teases the senses, you must have a bite!


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  2. Thank you, I designed the look and my husband did the behind the scenes work; I am glad your enjoying the blog page!

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  6. Lime macaron with white chocolate sounds out of this world, any chance you’ll post the recipe?

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  8. I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

  9. Could you post the recipe for Macaron au Citron Vert? Thanks K

  10. Macarons too, is there anything you can’t bake?

  11. Thanks, Bobbie. Reading your post brought back a very special memory. It’ odd how food can do that.

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  14. Lime is one of my favorite flavors, I’ve only had lime as the filling,but flavoring the shell of the macaron sounds really good.

  15. Hello, I identified your website inside a new directory searching for macarons. I wish had found you sooner.

  16. ! I wish you could send me a sample! I love that you flavored the shell Grand Marnier, what brilliant idea, to mimic the filling!

  17. Wow. OMG. I wish mine looked just half as good as yours. And I wish I had you vision for food photography. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  18. Oh wow. these look awesome. I love the colour variation, I haven’t seen that anywhere before and i’m sure they would’ve tasted delicious too!

  19. l am in great awe. These look perfect, utterly divine. In her lovely little book, Paris Sweets, Dorie Greenspan (no less) sort of declares that macarons are to-die-for but simply too difficult to make at home. After devoting a whole page to the charms of macarons, her advice is for readers to go to Paris and eat them there! Her words have held me back from even attempting to make them. You, however, have changed that all.

  20. What happy-looking photos of your macarons. The filling sounds delicious, I will have to try this filling soon.

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  23. I saw your dessert table on Amy Atlas…boy am I glad it was there. Everything on your blog looks GORGEOUS!!! Wonderful Job…Wish I could taste it all too. :) I am going to fololw you, now that I’ve seen what Fabulous things you post!!

  24. Thank you

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