Pretty in Pink

I know I have written about Pinktober before, but this is a cause Sydney and I are passionate about. I think being a mother of a beautiful young women in the prime of her life, has heighten my resolve to find a cure. I don’t want to debate on what research has been done/being done, I would like to see a cure. I haven’t  gone a week without learning a friend, college, or hair dresser who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It saddens me to know women in 2011 are still being given the same treatment as the women of forty years prior.

Every year my entire family unit, that is what we call ourselves, walk The Race for the cure, and give throughout the year. Sydney and I try to donate at least four separate recipes to businesses in our area, and design Pinktober plates of treats during the month of October. One person can make a difference, since we began baking for awareness, more individuals are doing the same thing. Trust me it doesn’t matter the treat (as long at it is yummy ), people love free food.

With Halloween just around the corner, and after Denver’ Race for The Cure, I implore you to still promote awareness. I am not saying forgo Halloween, there would be a plethora of kids ready to egg my house if I did, just when you purchase all the fun Halloween goodies, grab a bag of the pink on pink “M&Ms,” or anything you feel will keep the awareness powering forward.


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