Don’t you just want to grab one?

In my last post I had convinced Sydney to create Pumpkin-Orange Macarons for a step by step tutorial. We deliberately didn’t add the filling to the macarons in order to show an immeasurable amount of detail with out overloading us and you.

A nice scoop of pumpkin butter

A cream cheese filling would be the filling that would pair the best with pumpkin; however neither Sydney nor I are favor to cream cheese. Crème Frâiche seemed apropos, it’s flavor is simple and clean but has a little tang. With the aid of a few more ingredients the pairing is incredible and unforgettable.


Mise en place, minus the amaretto

In the very cold bowl place cold crème fraiche begin to whip to a very soft peaks and add the cream. Continue to whisk on medium high, slowly add powdered sugar, vanilla extract, Amaretto and vanilla beans till stiff peaks form, be careful to not go too far and break the filling.

Whip just till firm; if you go too far you’ll have crème butter

In a copper bowl whip the egg whites (on medium low speed), a pinch of salt and cream of tartar (if you not using a copper bowl) till foam appears, and then increase the speed to medium. When medium peaks start to form slowly add sugar and increase the speed to medium high and whisk till firm peaks form.


Egg whites turning to foam

Fold the egg whites into the crème fraiche cream.

Prepare a piping bag with tip of choice.

Push the filling down into the tip, release all the extra air, and twist the top of the bag

 Pipe filling onto 1 macaron shell…

Pipe the filing till it reaches the inside edges

and than sandwich with another macaron shell.

The macarons should be the same size

 Gently close.


Place the macarons in an airtight container, single layer (macarons are fragile) and allow to macerate the favors in the refrigerator overnight.  Macarons are best the next day. Macarons will last 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator, if they are not eaten sooner.




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