Time goes by so fast, soon summer and roses will be here

I was writing a check today and asked Sydney what the date was; I couldn’t believe January is over and February has begun. I was reminded of the day Sydney was born, and like most parents I calculated the year she would graduate from high school (2010). That evening, when she was born, while I watched her sleep in our hospital room I wrote letters for the milestones she would encounter through her life; her first day of kindergarten, the first day of middle school, her high school graduation, college graduation, her wedding day, ect… I tucked those precious letters away till each experience happened, and gave them to her to read. I knew of course she would one day graduate from high school, but the year 2010 seemed so far away; today she has finished almost two years of college and the dates of letters awaiting her to read,, that await her don’t seem so far away anymore.

Look at those cute little "feets"

 Although she is a beautiful young adult she will remain my baby; the little girl who would become excited over macarons. In her eyes, the dessert was created for her little tummy. To this day macarons have remained her favorite dessert snack. I dedicate this macaron blog to her with much love.

The sugar syrup at temperature, Sydney is responsible for this part of the Italian meringue.
I remember the first time I taught her about hot sugar syrup. She wanted some marshmallows for a party and I gave her the sugar syrup to watch. The first pot caramelized and went past usability, but the next pot she prepared perfectly! Now she is a pro and doesn’t need any help.

Believe it or not this is the tant pour tant, almonds icing sugar, and colorants ordered straight from france!

I ground it and Sydney sifted the mixture.
The egg whites from this morning whipping up as Sydney is finishing the sugar syrup. I have done both the sugar syrup and the meringues, but it is so much more enjoyable with my baking partner.
The meringue is ready and stiff, time to put in some old fashion muscle to work; the folding begins. I probably could work faster if Sydney was not making me laugh, by reminding me of this lunch we had on Friday. I would love to share, but my life would be in danger, secrets are secrets. My husband can attest to the fact there are lots of secrets between us “girls.” Poor guy I know he sometimes feels left out, but Sydney and I have been having little (sometimes big) secrets since she was of talking age. Back to work..the fold.
Still folding and laughing, almost there, just a few more strokes!
Sydney is in white rabbit mode, as we like to call it in our little unit, she clears the decks, getting four 1/2 sheet jelly roll pans lined, pre lined with a silicone mat. I am scraping the macaron batter into my very large pipping bag, and pushing all the air out. Lined up, so I can work in my white rabbit mode, are my jelly roll pans, I now pipe each little round circle of the strawberry-rose naturally flavored batter and bang the pans against counter. Sydney diligently grabs each pan after it has be loudly rapped and hopefully lost most of it’s tiny peak. The comma pipe is not my forte so sometimes there are remaining bird beaks, oh well.
The moment of truth will the feet form?
These pink beauties will have a strawberry rose creme filling.
Beautiful!  A flat bottom and a shiny round top.
Time to start the filling, if Sydney will stop tasting the liqueur so I can pour…
Sydney has already taken all the goodies out for the Rose Strawberry Creme, I would like to tell you she is efficient, but in this situation she is interested in tasting the liqueurs, she proclaims she would hate for a bad flavor to go into the creme. I want a taste, but she insist we must begin.
The piping has started and the cookies are all partnered up. I am making Sydney nuts, I seem to grab the cookies and ruin all her time she has spent making sure each macaron has a perfectly matched bottom. I wonder were her obsessive perfectionism stems from?
Twenty four hours later, the flavors have to marry for optimum taste, we have our Rose Strawberry Macarons!

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