Royal Icing Tips and Techniques

learn royal icing consistencies and techniques

Once you master the consistencies and techniques there are no limits to your decorating!

Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from softly beaten egg whites, icing sugar(powdered sugar), and optional extract flavor.

 Royal icing traditionally is used for decorative designs, covering cookies and cakes (covering cake is an European tradition). It can be piped into an infinite types of decorations such as: borders, flowers,butterflies, shapes, jewelry, and so much more. It also is used for brush embroidery, creating fabric inspired lace, and cross stitching.

 Royal icing can also seem a bit intimidating, if you are not familiar with using the icing. This tutorial is decimated to royal icing  basics, tips, consistencies, and techniques.

What you need to know to start your royal icing journey is patience, practice, a good recipe, and basic knowledge. Once you are comfortable with the basic you can begin to pipe intricate and exquisite designs on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes!

Royal Icing Piping:


  • Pme  writer nozzles
  • PME #57S,petal nozzle
  • PME star nozzles opened and closed
  • Cornet piping bags
  • Scriber tool
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft #0 round brush


  • Royal icing recipe, given below
  • Soft-peak consistency
  • Off-peak consistency
  • Bead-work consistency
  • Medium consistency
  • Cooled boiled water, I like the water to be cold

You can find the supplies at 5th Avenue Cake Designs

Learn how to pipe with royal icing

5th avenue cake designs royal icing recipe

The recipe above works wonderfully for line and string work!

learn delicate string work with royal icing

String work on a mini cake!

Knowing how create the popper royal icing consistencies  is 30 percent of the battle.

Generally I make a batch of royal icing, cover it well (the plastic wrap needs to lay upon the icing) in an airtight container, and wait 30 minutes prior to use.

Just enough time to clean up.

Once your royal icing is ready gather some nozzles/tips, and cornet paper piping bags.

Please enjoy the video and begin piping!

You may use a plastic piping bag, I however prefer a paper cornet for most of my piping. The exception is wet on wet.

royal icing piping techniques

A fun and easy wet on wet flower!

Using  an off peak consistency icing you can create beautiful brush embroidery.

learn to royal icing two tone brush embroidery flower

Fun spring brush embroidery

A completely different look of brush embroidery !

The sky is the limit to the cakes, cookies, and cupcakes you can decorate.

learn how to pipe royal icing lace

A vintage royal icing lace brush embroidery clock!

The detail HD Video Tutorial Lace Bridal Shower Cookie..36.32 minutes
How to create the eyelet lace
The bead work
The lace on the top coat.

Learn royal icing lace

A combination of royal icing techniques!

 Have fun and enjoy!


  1. THE BEST explanation and demo of RI consistencies I’ve seen in my 2yrs of trying to have a real good understanding. 

  2. Thank you!

  3. Dank je wel voor de superuitleg! Ik ben hier erg blij mee en zal me nu ook eens aan het koekjes versieren wagen voor de kerstdagen! Nogmaals…heel erg bedankt!

    Groetjes, Marja. :-) :flower

  4. Sorry…My first comment i wrote in Dutch! And i think you can’t read that, so here’s my english one!
    Thank you for your great explanation about the use and making of Royal Icing! It is very complete and answers all my question i ever had about Royal Icing. I think i’m gonna try it it soon on my Christmascookies. Thank very much again, i’m really glad you made this article.
    Have a great weekend and till next time.
    With love, Marja. :-) <3

  5. Thank you I am glad I could help. I would love to see your christmas cookies!

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