Baby shower octopus cookies by Bobbie Noto

Happy and fun octopus!

Last weekend I was asked to make the cookies for an under the sea baby shower.
The mother to be loves octopuses, the entire nursery is wonderfully painted with
ocean theme and several octopuses. I took some photos of the room and
then went back to my studio and began to design the cookies.
Normally, I prefer parchment cones, however because the entire cookie
is piped using a flood consistency, the disposable piping bags
are tighter around the nozzles. The icing will not leak from the bag!

Supplies needed for this project:
• Piping nozzles
• -#0, PMe
• -#1, PME
• -#1.5, PME
• _#2
• -#3
• Disposable bags
• Scriber tool
• Damp cloth
• paper towel
• Octopus cookie cutter
• Sugar cookies
• Royal icing
• Wilton Color Right color system
• -Pink
• -Blue
• -Black
You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes

Colour recipe:

For the filigree colour:
3 drops pink
1 drop blue
1/2-cup royal icing
Mix until the colour is completely combined.
For the all over colour:
Remove about 1-tablespoon of the pre made filigree colour
Add 1/2-cup royal icing.
Watch the video to see how to decorate the Octopus Cookies!

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