Elegant wedding cookie favors by Bobbie Noto

The intricate white royal icing over-piped design on a white covered cookie is breathe taking!

Edible wedding favors have become a popular choice for couples to

give their guests as a thank you and reminder of their special day.

These cookies are a Lambeth inspired with scrolls, toothpick roses and leaves,

and are a perfect delicious choice for any wedding.

For this project you will need:

• PME nozzle 58, for the toothpick roses
• PME nozzle #5 open star
• PME nozzle #3
• PME nozzle #44
• PME nozzle # 2
• PME nozzle ST51
• Parchment cones
• Artistic brushes
Royal Icing
• Vanilla Sugar cookie recipe
• Pre-made toothpick roses, 3 5-petal rose per cookie
• Pre-made toothpick rose 2-3-petal roses per cookie

Visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes for supplies


Bake, cool, and cover your cookies 1-day prior to decorating.

You can pipe your toothpick roses days ahead..I keep a container of toothpick roses in a variety of colours,

in a small container. Anytime you have extra royal icing pipe roses, blossoms, sweet peas, and ranunculus.

The flowers will keep for a long time.

Watch the video below to learn how to pipe royal icing Lambeth style inspired cookies.

If you want to purchase the decorated cookies go to Shop 5th Avenue Cake Designs

Elegant wedding cookie favors by Bobbie Noto

Over-piping fun!

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