Wedgwood scroll cake by Bobbie Noto

Dedicated to the strongest woman I knew..My Grandma

English royal icing over-piping has been around since 1900, the technique fell into the background in the late 80’s

with the arrival and popularity of smooth fondant. The beauty of intricately piped details, scrolls and swags

was almost a lost art. Luckily, Martha Stewart has been an influential in bring back the technique.

I have been wanting to design a Wedgwood cake with a Royal Icing Lambeth Style;

Piping this cake for Mother’s Day is an opportune time.

For this Project you will need:


  • PME supertube #44
  • PME supertube #43
  • PME Writer #3
  • PME writer #2
  • PME writer #1
  • Parchment cones or disposable piping bags
  • Lambeth beveled board
  • Artist brush
  • Ribbon
  • Scriber tool


  • Royal Icing
  • Fondant 975 grams, Satin Ice
  • Cake 19.05 cm- 20.32 cm, or 7 1/2 -8 inches high
  • Hollyberry (pink), SF
  • Royal blue, SF
  • Water
  • Everclear

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Bake, cool, and cover your cake with fondant coloured wedgwood.

Recipe for Wedgwood colour:

1-drop Royal Blue

 1-drop Hollyberry (pink) and

knead into 975 grams of fondant.

Watch the video to learn how to create a Lambeth style wedgwood inspired cake.

I’ve just added a new video to my shop with step by step instructions on how to pipe Wedgwood Lambeth Style cake.

Plus a Lambeth Method video bundle: 4 videos of  Lambeth piping.

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