Cherry blossom graduation cookies by Bobbie bakes

Royal icing cherry blossoms are a small 5-petal blossom.

Washington D.C ‘s Cherry blossoms are huge tourist attraction.

D.C. hosts a national Cherry Blossom Festival every year.

To honor my daughter’s commencement from, The George Washington University, (on national mall).

I created royal icing cherry blossoms on a cherry blossom flavored sugar cookie!

Supplies For This Project:


  • Tipless bag, or parchment bag without a tip
  • PME #56r ot Wilton 101S
  • Pme 1.5 nozzle or Wilton #1, you will need 2
  • Wilton tip cover
  • Flower nail
  • Parchment square or cellophane square
  • Disposable piping bag
  • 2 Parchment bag
  • Artist brush
  • Dap cloth


You may find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 


If you prefer my egg white royal icing recipe you can find it here!

Cherry blossom graduation cookies by Bobbie bakes

The entire cookie design took 10 minutes from start to finish.

Cherry blossom stamens are pink and long, which is why I did not pipe a beaded  centre.

Watch the video below for the tutorial on how to create these cherry blossom cookies:


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