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She has grown up too fast

Welcome to Bobbie’s Baking Blog, it is a pleasure to have you visit, consider yourself apart of the Bobbie’s Baking Blog family! Here is a little background about me:

I am a cake, cookie, and cupcakes decorator with no formal training, but with an unlimited sense of creativity.  I have been sharing my art on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, with my daughter Sydney,  since  2005I adore creating cakes, cookies, cupcake that have artistic movement and flow to them.  In addition to decorating cakes. I enjoy beautiful bows, flowers, shoes and accessories made with fondant, sugar paste and  moldering chocolate. I currently write bi-monthly tutorials for Cake Central.

I have a blog, bobbiesbakingblog.com were my daughter and I share our designs and fun stories! When she home home from collegeI am married to my husband Dennis and have a beautiful daughter, Sydney 21, and who attends The George Washington University D.C

When college came knocking at the door for Sydney in her senior year of high school, Bobbie’s Baking Blog help us deal with the  transition. We could FaceTime create cake, cookies, cupcakes,and other fun pastries virtually together!  Sydney would have a piece of us with her when she felt homesick (or I missed her)!

Lily spray & billow weave tutorial

The perfect celebration cake!

Fast foreword  and Sydney is an accomplished chef in her own right, who is about to graduate with a degree in Psychology and continue on to graduate school. I believe our mutual love for the culinary arts,challenging ourselves with new recipes, designs, successes, and learning through mistakes and mishaps  forged a friendship filled with respect, love, and fun. She is  now my business partner; we create cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and pastries together, she brings me back to earth when I fail, proof reads my posts and the articles.

As you read and/or surf through Bobbie’s Baking Blog please remember you are more than just a guest, so get comfortable and join in the expedition of pastries and family stories. We realize there are a plethora of wonderful food blogs on the web, our goal is for all our new friends,new and old, to feel as if you are by our side baking with Sydney and I.  We want you to feel at home, respected, and leave with a feeling that not only did you receive a special recipe or idea, more importantly had an exciting journey, and come back often!

We were caught during a nightly ritual!

Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments, questions, or advice. I will on occasionally welcome a guest blogger; however I  will moderate the post  if it contains links to commercial sites and the context must pertain to family traditions, bonding, and of course how food is the common thread. We opened Bobbie’s Shop in 2012, where you can find all the materials that is used in every tutorial I write, including Blossom and Orchard products from Europe.

Contact me at bobbie@bobbiesbakingblog.com.

-Bobbie Noto

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