Lambeth method by Bobbie Noto

Over piped string-work

European over piping with royal icing is an amazing skill to know, the beautiful dimensions are breathtaking.

If you want to pipe beautiful cakes using Joseph Lambeth method

you need to commit yourself to practice.  Pipe with royal icing several times a week.

Covering a cake board and propping the board upright is a perfect way to practice without

spending money on a cake dummy (or baking a cake).

Once you feel comfortable than move to a covered cake dummy, and finally an actual cake.

Here is a wonderful video showing the steps to create the cake above!

I love the fact you only need  a few supplies to pipe English/European over-piping.

To find the a list of supplies and the prefect royal icing recipe visit:
European Over Piped String Work

Lambeth method cake by Bobbie Noto

Of course for your Lambeth cake to be stunning you have practice!

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