Photo Submission Requirements

Here are the following requirements to upload your photo and blog url to our site. All pictures/links will be moderated for the following requirements. Please read each item below.

Photo Requirements

1. You can submit anything represented by an image from a recipe to a blog post to a video to a news article to a product in a store but not everything will get published. Pictures will be reviewed for proper focus, color, and composition.

2. Size no greater than 640 x 640 pixels with a file size no greater than 300 KB.

3. Must be of a food dish, no other pictures will be approved.

4. Photos must be owned, produced, and/or licensed by the submitter. If we determine that the photo is not authorized by the submitter, we will contact the original owner an remove the submission.

Photo Blog URL

1. Please use proper english and grammatically correct content for your caption and blog URL.

2. Content must be free of advertisement, political views, profanity, illegal, and immoral information.

How to Submit

1.  First, please register to our site. When you are logged into our site, you will see the “Add Photo” link located above the Photo Gallery.

2. After clicking on the Photo Gallery, then click on the “Add Photo” link.

3. Click on the select button to select your picture to upload.

4. Enter the Name of your photo in the Caption field.

5. Enter the web address to your blog in the Caption URL field.

6. The Image attribution field will have your user name.

7. Select the image license that meets your preference.

8. Click Submit button.  Wait until you see your image and click the done button.

9. We will review your submission and email back to you that we approved the image or a reason why we did not.

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