Couture Catering and Artistic Pastry Notions

Bobbie runs Couture Catering and Artistic Pastry Notions which is a unique family owned business. “Born out of the love for food and sharing with my daughter from a young age, we cater to small parties, intimate dinners, and special events. We also customize, to the best of our ability, anything you desire”.

Bobbies Mission

Our promise is to use the finest, authentic, and best tasting ingredients preferably organic in every dish we create. We thrive to shop the globe for the most authentic ingredients.

Personalized classes

Do you want to learn how to design your own special pastries? We will customize a class around your personal needs to help you achieve your goals.


Due to our specialized services at the moment, we limit sit down engagements to 50 guests and larger parties require a buffet. An exact number can not be quoted until we know the complexity of the party.

Personal Dinners

Want an intimate Valentines, anniversary, or special date? Our food designer will sit down with you and together develop the perfect menu.

Special Pastries

We will take care of any special pastry needs, cinnamon rolls for a breakfest meeting, candy, cupcakes, or cookies for a school party or just for yourself! Specialized Angel food cakes can almost come in any flavor, plain, orange, strawberry, ginger, chocolate, or maybe your favorite flavor.

Classes/ Personal Teaching

Not only will we cater and design, but due to our love for food, we offer personalized teaching sessions. We can design private classes and group classes. We have also taught at local high schools.

Wedding Cakes

Each couple has their own vision of the special cake, therefore wedding cakes are designed to your individual requirements.

Custom Recipes

Have a favorite flavor or food and want it in a dish or dessert? We will custom design a dish or dessert that will delight your taste buds!

Contact Information

Please contact us by email at

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