Sunday Round-Up, A Preview

Posted by on Oct 23, 2011 in Cakes, Candies, Home, x | 1 comment

Patience, I don't have any, hopefully you do

Welcome to Sydney and Bobbie’s Sunday Round-Up. What is Sunday Round-Up? It is a preview to all the delicious treats we are going to post throughout this week.

This is what will be happening at Bobbie’s Baking Blog this coming week:

Chocolate handmade leafs, acorns, and pumpkin candies.

Truffles with a chocolate hard shell outside and an amazing  ganache inside.

Tempering Chocolate to perfection.

Unbelievable Chocolate Spiders.

Sugar cookies looking into different techniques to decorating.

Halloween Marshmallows.

Meringue ghouls and ghosts.

Pumpkin shaped cakes.

All leading up to preparing special Halloween gift bags!

I hope you’ll stick around it’s going to bump fun ride!



One Comment

  1. Looking forward to all of these!

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