3-D Ruffled Ombre Dress Sugar Cookie

learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing

Ready to party!

I have been watching General Hospital for 48 of the 50 years it has aired on ABC, my grandma and I would await for every new adventure each day at 2:00 pm CT. I skipped school on November 17th 1981 to watch Luke and Laura”s wedding, I actually missed a few more days leading up to the event. I cried in 1994 when Maxie Jones needed a heart transplant; her recipient being her cousin BJ and again in 1995 when Stone Cates died. I inadvertently turned Sydney, my daughter, into a GH fan in 2006 when Luke remarried Laura on their 25th wedding anniversary.

This past week in half General Hospital has been celebrating their 50th anniversary by reinitiating the Nurse’s Ball. In 1994 Lucy Coe had a wonderful idea to raise money for AIDS with a gala celebration where Port Charles’s best and brightest could watch and participate. The event was a collection of musical performances starring doctors, nurses,   and a surprise guest or two. I was, of course watching the anniversary along with Sydney via FaceTime (she is in college in D.C.), when I spotted little Emma’s purple dress and had to duplicate the garment with a delicious 3-D sugar cookie.

3-D Ruffled Dress:

learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing ombre dress tutorial

This dress could be a prom dress as well!


  • Blossom Wedding Dress
  • Blossom wedding dress stamp
  • Jewel mold
  • Ribbon cutter
  • Veining tool,HP
  • Celstick/Celpin
  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Fondant smoother
  • Fondant floral pad, OP
  • Mini pizza wheel, or craft knife
  • Toothpicks
  • Artist brushes
  • Cornstarch
  • Parchment paper cone


Bobbie’s Sugar Cookie Recipe
• Fondant, colored in ombre purple
• Fondant, ivory
• Food paste
• Petal dust,African Violet, NYCake & Violet, Ck
• Lustre dust, Old Gold, CK
• Vodka
• Edible glue,pre-made
• Royal icing, ivory colored and bead consistency
Visit 5th Avenue Cake Designs For supplies

learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing ombre dress tutorial

The 3-D cookie could be place card for a sweet 16 or graduation party!


learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing ombre dress tutorial

A sleeker version!

You have a few mediums to attach the dress cookie to the jewel stand, Royal icing, chocolate melts with freeze dry, or what I chose fondant glue. Take the extra pieces of fondant add a few drops of water, at a time, smoosh the mixture with a mini straight frosting spatula until it become gooey. Apply the fondant glue to the stand and the bottom of the dress cookie, place the two pieces together, and hold for a few seconds or until the dress is standing without aide. If any of the glue peeks out paint it with the old gold/vodka paint.

My grandmother shared her love (or obsession) of General Hospital with me, and I in urn shared my love of General hospital with my daughter/best friend, Sydney. I wonder will she be sharing the soap opera with her child?

learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing ombre dress tutorial

Happy 50th Anniversary General Hospital!


learn the how to ruffle fondant/gumpaste & royal icing ombre dress tutorial



  1. Hi. I too love General Hospital. I spent Sat and Sun watching the 50th anniversary re-runs on SoapNet. These cookies are gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial. I can’t wait to make them. Kathy

  2. I watched the reruns as well, Wow 50 years. Have fun baking the cookies!

  3. Hi again. I clicked on your link for the Blossom Wedding Dress Cookie Cutter and Stamp and couldn’t find it. Do you sell it? Also the link with the mold you used is by Marina on the first page? Thanks.

  4. Yes we do sell the cuter/stamp set. I will check with my husband as to why you are unable to see it.(The cutter and stamp are 7.50) The other mold is a make your own mold.

  5. Oh my gosh! These are too gorgeous to eat =)

  6. I would love to order the cookie cutter and stamp, but something is wrong..cannot see it in your shop to order. Help, please.

  7. Thank you

  8. Laura we are working on fixing the issue with the store.. Should be able to see the cutters by the evening. Thank you for patients

  9. Thank you Rosie, they were fun to create!

  10. These are simply fabulous!!

    so amazing.

    My sister and I used to watch General Hospital all the time when we were younger.

  11. Thank you, to another General Hospital fan!

  12. Absolutely breathtaking!!!! Now I have to try it.

  13. Thank you, I would love to see your finished cookie

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