Victorian Days Cupcake Tutorial

learn how to make a fondant purse and matching hatbox

Add a Victorian touch to your cupcakes; perfect for a tea party!

If you are familiar with my posts and videos you know I enjoy showing a week of cupcakes, next a week of cookies, and a week of cakes; I want to show that any of my designs will work for decorating all of these pastries. This week I have been showing different decorating mediums and construction of cupcakes. The Victorian Days cupcakes were inspired by a candle topper I have, looking at normal everyday objects can inspire incredible ideas for cake decorating.

I used a flat fondant top for the Victorian Days cupcakes, then laid a thin laced fondant handkerchief (for a delicate touch). I thought a clutch purse, hatbox, hat and mirror would be a perfect replication for the Victorian era. Although the toppers have a majestic look they were actually quite easy to replicate, and entertaining to construct!

Victorian Days Cupcakes:

learn how to make a fondant purse and matching hatbox

The cupcake reminds me of the movie “Titanic,” Sydney’s favorite movie!


  • 1- Recipe for vanilla-cherry blossom cupcakes
  • Fondant
  • Gumpaste/flower paste
  • Petal/lustre dust
  • Plum
  • Larkspur
  • Old gold
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Pearl
  • Edible glue
  • Water
  • 1- Cup royal icing
  • Everclear or lemon extract
  • Small 6- petal set small,OP


  • Dresden tool, Fmm
  • Quilting too, PME
  • Scriber tool with diamond pattern handle, needed for hat
  • Turkey tracer
  • Silcone paint brush, color shaper
  • Mini rollin pin
  • Jewelry mold, JD
  • Small bow mold, FI or you may create a small bow by hand
  • 1.5 nozzle, PME
  • Paper cornet or pipping bag (sandwich works too)]
  • Artist brush
  • #00 artist brush
  • Variety of circle cutters
  • Artrist knife
  • A-ceto blade
  • Pasta machine, optional

For supplies »

You will want to construct your Victorian toppers prior to baking and covering  your cooled cupcakes.

learn how to make a fondant purse and matching hatbox

I have to admit this design has become one of my favorites!

To achieve the flat top cut the top off the cupcakes and cover immediately to ensure your cupcakes do not become hard.

I created a tiny cake stand for piping my purse and hat with an acrylic cup and a small circle cutter (for height).

The hatbox and mirror will be shown in another post.

Wouldn’t the Victorian Days cupcake be perfect for Valentine’s day or a tea party?

learn how to make a fondant purse and matching hatbox

I dusted old gold over the fondant lace handkerchief for an antique effect!


learn how to make a fondant purse and matching hatbox


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