Spring Fondant Frill Mini Cake with Sugar Pansy Spray

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how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

The blue ombre frills remind me of the Cayman Islands and the ocean!

I realize the world’s most famous weather forecaster, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of Winter. I  however refuse to except that forecast! This winter has been insane, with my daughter’s university shutting down four times this year and the airports in D.C. closing for most of President’s day weekend. It is time to take action and think Spring!! I am going to start the Spring campaign with a Spring fondant frill mini cake tutorial. The frills are ombre with blue colour and adorned with match blue pansies.

Pansies generally bloom in early spring, which is why I chose to create a spray of pansies for the mini cakes.

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

This blue pansy garden was my inspiration for the sugar pansies! I changed the hue of the blue colour to match the cake!

Spring Fondant Frill Mini Cake:

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

The start of my Spring campaign!


Foam pad, with a hard side,NL


Work mat

Rolling pin

Pasta machine, option

Ball tools

Poppy veiner

Ceramic Stick,HP, plastic JEM


Floral pad

Steamer, optional

Pasta machine, optional

Nile green floral tape, HH

Fondant smoothers

Small sugar paste rolling pin

Plastic mat or DYI plastic cut bag lightly coated with crisco

Cocktail straw


1-recipe  Vanilla Madeira cake (12 mini cakes)

Food Paste

Ice blue,SF



Ever clear

Ice blue petal dust, Sf

Silver lustre Dust,Blossom

Everclear or lemon extract

Find supplies here.

 You will want to colour your ombre colors before you begin. I chose five monochromatic blue colours for the mini cakes.

Prior to frilling your cake cover them in fondant, I used a panel method for my mini cakes.

I painted each of the frill’s edge with silver lustre dust.

The HD video creating the Sugar Pansy 21.5 minutes

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

Remember to paint the edges of frills with silver lustre dust!


The HD video dusting and constructing the SugarPansy 18.46 minutes.

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

Sugar pansies are brilliant to create have a plethora of color choices!

A pansy spray id the perfect size for cupcakes as well.

Here are the pansy spray cupcakes I created for a  Cake Central tutorial

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

Choose different colour combinations for a batch of cupcakes!

I would love to see your inspired fondant frill mini cakes and sugar pansies!

how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy

Mini cakes are perfect for a bridal shower, everyone has their own cake!


how to make fondant frills and sugar pansy



  1. Wow just beautiful, I love the color!

  2. Thank you:)

  3. wow…so cute!

  4. Thank you!

  5. Excellent instructions – as always – thank you for sharing. Try a piece of non stick matting under your cake it will help stop the cake from slipping around on its stand.

  6. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I loved it!

  7. Leonie, thank you for the tip! I will try next time :)

  8. My pleasure Joyce :)

  9. Aww they’re sooo pretty x

  10. Mesmerizing color blends

  11. Thank you ;)

  12. Thank you

  13. they are beautiful,  may I ask what would you charge for these?

  14. Thank you, each mini cake is $6.00

  15. Oooh Bobbie, thank you so very much for this tutorial, I have a beautiful wedding cake with very much larger frills coming up and your lesson has let me know that I can do this.

  16. I am glad I could help, if you have any question don’t hesitate.


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