I have loved cooking and baking most of my life, it was a way to work any problems. When I was BLESSED with my daughter I brought her in the kitchen with me, I guess it would not be an exaggeration to say Sydney has been working with me from a baby carrier.  It is strange, because it feels like yesterday she was 24 months old peeling ginger with a grapefruit spoon, and now she is almost 18 and she has excellent knife skills.  Friends, teacher, and other parents always ask me how it is that Sydney is so untainted from all the bad stuff in the world. The only two answers I have is we share a love for the culinary world: shopping, cooking, baking, and of course eating food, and she was born with a good disposition.

Even now that she is a senior we cook and bake daily, we have a business together, we share tons of secrets and we have a mutual respect for one another. That being said it does not mean we always see eye to eye. Believe me when we are testing recipes food has been known to go flying.  Couture Catering and Artistic Pastry Notions was built out of love a mother’s love for her child and a love of food.  I truly believe if a parent shares their passion with their child/children then they will have long and respectful relationship with each other. Cooking/Baking was my passion, but it really doesn’t matter what the passion is as long as you share it with your child/children.

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