Well with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Sydney and I started our candy and sweet doughs. We have orders from Monday through Sunday.

Anyway Strawberry Marshmallows were the first on the list, while we were letting the Brioche starter rested. My husband’s face when he came in and saw Sydney and I playing with the soft marshmallow left overs that cling to side of the mixer. Literally we had a sticky shiny white rope being used like tug a war. Poor guy his first thought had to be my wife and daughter have lost their minds and next was the horrible realizations that he needed to clean the up. I have yet to find an easy way to clean-up after marshmallows.

The next sweet of the day started with brioche dough, which had been patiently waiting to be whirled around in a mixer. Everything went awesome, motor did fine even after 15 minutes of marshmallows ( different bowl) and 15 minutes of dough, plus another few for adding butter: I went to grab the hook and release it, to my surprise it was stuck… not just stuck, but welded in the opening. I have owned this standing mixer for 3.5 years, never encountering this issue.
Has anyone ever had this problem?

More baking on the schedule today; I will cross my fingers all equipment is agreeable today.
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