Marshmallow Vanille Fraise

Vanilla Pods I just adore those almost black, tacky, fragrant, delicious and “O” so versatile pod. The minute I take one out of it’s glass holder the vanilla pod becomes an irresistible aromatic party for my senses: the look, the smell (of course), and the taste. The enticement to gently squeeze the pod and bring it close enough to my nose to capture it’s bouquet is over whelming.

When Sydney and I bake or cook the entire pod is used, nothing goes to waste. The skins are steeped or roasted in the oven and those little jewels, the seeds, are integrated with what ever we are creating or designing. The extract  of pure vanilla is nice, but there is just something bewitching about seeing those seeds in your ice cream, marshmallows, meringues, macarons, and crème anglaise; just to name a few. 

Marshmallow Vanille Fraise
My second favorite flavor
The beautiful fragrant vanilla bean aided me not only these beautifulBaba au Fragoli, but Macaron aux Bleuets, and White Chocolate Mousse Crème in which the pod and seeds were used on the outside and inside of both pastries.

Vanilla is amazing in the way these little black gems help chocolate magically become richer, bringing out the”POP” in lemon and lime, with out any doubt vanilla flavored anything is always a party pleaser.
Macarons au Chocolat Triple avec Mousse à la Fraise

A few days prior to packing Sydney and taking her to college, we prepared Guimauves Framboises à la Vanille (Vanilla Raspberry Marshmallows) I have prepared guimauves without the vanilla bean and the taste difference is dramatically superior with the delectable vanilla pod , it always surprises me how a few little black seeds can turn an average fun dessert into a pastry.

I than had a “lightbulb”moment to create a banana split macaron with strawberry mousse and a little chocolate surprise. Each part from shell, mousse, and melted chocolate had vanilla seeds inside (besides steeping the skin). My husband declared Banana Split Macaron has become his new favorite! (Can not become to excited, each time Sydney and I create a new flavor it becomes my husband’s favorite)
I absolutely cherish the vanilla bean, pod, and it’s remarkable qualities. As I conclude my tribute to the vanilla bean and it’s distinguished place in the culinary baking world I cannot surmise a more adaptable ingredient, except for the egg, but that might be another blog. I bow my head and am deeply appreciative to the pliable, fragrant, mouthwatering treasure the Vanilla Bean!
Vanilla Beans!
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