Framboise Double Chocolate Charlotte

I can hardly believe it is already the second week of April. Springtime in Colorado is a unique experience, you  can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Two days ago the temperature was 24 degrees C/ 74 degrees F, today it is 8 degrees C/ 45 degrees F. I feel teased, I can work in my garden on Tuesday, but need my winter jacket on Wednesday. I feel the same way about the produce, fresh berries are available one day and not the next. I so depressingly wanted to design a wonderful Spring Season dessert to entice the senses while screaming Spring has sprung!

Layer of White Chocolate and Berries surrounded by Vanilla Bavarios

So as I was pondering the perfect pastry to represent spring, I looked out my front window and realized my tulips were in bloom. I had planted these beautiful fire tulips mixed with assorted flowers. Tulips exemplify early Spring, as they are one of first flowers to bloom, and as I looked upon the radiance of my first bloom Springtime flowers I knew exactly what type of pastry would embody early spring: A white chocolate berry Charlotte Mousse shaped like a flower.

Charlotte Berry Vanille:

Berry Coulis:

110 grams/ 1/2-cup white current purée

110 grams/ 1/2-cup strawberry purée

110 gram/ 1/2-cup raspberry p purée

14 grams gelatin sheets/ 7 sheets

50 grams sugar/ 1/4 cup

In a heavy bottom saucepan heat the purées and sugar to 50 degrees C/ 125 degrees F, remove from heat, and whisk in the gelatin. Pour the coulis into small charlotte molds, ¼ of the way.


Berry chocolate Mousse:

25 grams/1/8-cup cream

25 grams/ 1/8-cup crème frâiche

50 grams/ 2-Tablespoons glucose

25 grams/ 2-Tablespoons white berry purée

25 grams/ 2-Tablespoons strawberry purée

25 grams/ 2-Tablespoons Raspberry purée

11o grams white  chocolate, chopped in a food processor

10 grams/ 2 1/8-teaspoons Crème de Framboise or raspberry extract

3 grams/ 3 gelatine sheets

85 grams/ 3/8-cup whipped cream

85 grams/ 3/8-cup crème frâiche

Prepare your miss en place. In ice-cold water soak gelatine sheets, and grind the chocolate in a food processor.

In a heavy bottom saucepan heat the raspberries, cream, crème frâiche, and glucose to a kiss of a boil. Turn off the heat and add the gelatine sheets. Immediately pour over chocolate pulse till smooth, and pour in the framboise liqueur.

Pour into a bowl and stir until cool.

Whip the cream and crème frâiche, add the chocolate mixture, and pour over the frozen raspberry coulis.


Almond Sponge:

Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF.

60 grams egg yolk/ about 4 large egg yolks

50 grams/ 1 whole egg

400 grams/ 2-cups sugar

120 grams/ 1/3-cup cornstarch

190 grams/ about 6 egg whites

60 grams/ 1/4-cup almond paste

200 grams/ 1 3/4-cup toasted silvered almonds

Whisk the egg yolks, whole eggs, and half the sugar till ribbons form, then add the cornstarch and almond paste. Set aside.

In a standing mixer whisk egg whites and the second half of sugar till shiny and stiff.

Gentle fold the meringue into the egg-almond mixture and fold in the almonds.

Spread onto a flexipat and bake for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Cool in the pan slightly and remove from mold.

Once the sponge is cooled cut into rounds.

Vanilla Bavarios:

251 grams/ 1 1/16-cups whole milk

100 grams/ 1/2-cup sugar

70 grams/about 4 egg yolks

½ vanilla pod

7 grams/ 3 sheets gelatine

375 grams/1 2/3-cups whipped cream

Whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale and ribbons form.

In a heavy bottom saucepan place the milk and vanilla pod, bring to a kiss of a boil. Drizzle a fine line of hot milk to egg yolk mixture. Add the entire custard back into saucepan cook till 85ºC/185ºF, or until the mixture just begins to thicken.

Strain through a chinois and add soften gelatin.

Cool the custard.

Once the vanilla mixture has cooled to room temperature add to whipped cream.


In larger charlotte molds fill half way up with the vanilla bavarios, insert the raspberry-chocolate mini charlottes, and place a almond sponge on top.

Freeze over night.


Spray with a chocolate-cocoa butter mixture on the diagonal.

250 gram white chocolate melted and cooled to 32 degrees c/ 88 to 90 degrees F. Add 2 grams of MYCRYO cocoa butter, stir until dissolved and pour into air brush.

Decorate with raspberries, crushed almonds, drizzle liquid chocolate sauce.


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