Healthy meal in under 30 minutes


I was contacted by Chef Jeff Pirtle he is giving away his book “Dinner Revolution” the book is worth $27.oo retail, but in my opinion is priceless to the busy family trying to have dinner together.

The book contains over 200 recipes all delicious and quick, but even better the recipes can be prepared by the entire family; giving you a fun activity while catching up with family members about their day.

I have had the pleasure of viewing the Dinner Revolutions and testing a few recipes (The Chicken Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Artichokes fabulous.) Chef Jeff’s book not only offers wonderful family friendly meals, but he gives you the nutritional information and a grocery list for each recipe.

This is a give away you do not want to miss out on; so here is what you need to do:

Visit this URL

Oh did I mention each of these succulent recipes are 10 ingredient or less; with a plethora of recipes for the meat eater, poultry eater, and the vegetarian eater? I promise you will not be disappointed!

I would love to hear your feedback so if you find a moment tell me your thoughts by commenting to this post or email me!

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