I awoken on Friday feeling tried; that is an understatement, I felt like a truck ran over me. I still put the trees up and partially decorated our house. I was in the kitchen when DF said the words I dread: “Bob you are sick! Go to bed” I argued for about 5 minutes and compromised; I laid down on the couch. It would seem like I didn’t awake till Saturday. For those first couple of moments I thought, “great I can catch-up.”  I finally realized that not only was I still ill, but my throat had joined the party.

I seem to have a problem with being ill, I always feel I can push myself through the illness. I have spent the entire weekend pretending I was completely fine. Around 7:30 last night, after spending the day baking (with every pastry looking worse than the last), Sydney finally reasoned with me.  She calmly proclaimed, I could work on beating the yuckiness in my body or I could continue down this same path and risk becoming worse.

This is the longest I have gone without creating a creation in the kitchen argo I can not blog about desserts that I have accomplished. Sorry to be a whining pest; I needed to vent my frustration!

With any luck Chicken Soup is really medicine!


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