Celebration cookies

The Belle Epoque Rosé was given to my husband and me on our wedding day!

I must admit Sydney and I are once again writing a post at 1:00 am; we must sub-conscientiously  enjoy the hour. Yesterday I explained the romantic and loving memory that  The Champagne Sugar Cookies represents for both Sydney and myself. We actually began planning how we would decorate our individual bottles and glasses; when it dawned upon me anyone in a relationship would have a bottle of wine or champagne (with or without alcohol ) representing a heartfelt experience.

Here is how we decorated our glasses and bottles. We moved visit 5th Avenue Cake Designs 

Champagne and Roses Sugar Cookie Royal Icing  with Fresh Egg Whites:

Recipe link: http://bit.ly/1KLvDED

Prepare your mise en place.

Mise en place for liquid egg whites

The cream of tartar can be added after sifting the icing sugar

The mixture should feel thick and sticky

Fresh egg white mise en place base

Prepare your mise en place.

Meringue powder mise en place

Soft peak meringue

. This is almost the same base as above, but if you’re uncomfortable with using raw egg whites the meringue powder works just as well. (Sydney and I prefer the taste of the liquid egg white royal icing).

Stiff peaks base

Once the cookies have completely cooled we covered the cookies with a lightly watered down base to cover the cookies without having to outline.

Watch my video to see how to decorate a hand-painted gold leaf champagne bottle and glass cookies.

Celebration cookies

Happy New Year

For more confectionary decorating designs click on the photos below!


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