She was so patient during her photo debut

Anytime I feel melancholy or stressed I pull  a few photographs from our past. When Sydney was three years of age during a cold January day; I allowed her to play “hooky” from Montessori. We had a day of Colorado nature; we started at the Butterfly Pavilion, next stop was the Denver Zoo, we ended our fabulous day with lunch and a hike outside of Breckenridge. The memory of that amazing day always brings a smile to my face.

I could have spent hours taking butterfly photographs

The Butterfly Pavilion exhibits 5 areas, including four indoor exhibit halls, gardens and nature trail outdoors.  Filled with thousands of alluring different species of butterflies, plus

tarantulas, leaf insects, scorpions, beetles and giant millipedes. You can even hold the tarantulas, which Sydney and I both courageously did; truth be told I absolutely had no desire to hold one, but I couldn’t let Sydney down. I could hardly  convince her tarantulas are generally dossal if I declined  the offer to hold the hairy  eight leg crawling spider.

After a few special hours hanging out with the butterflies we headed towards downtown Denver to visit some zoo animals.

I am pretty sure she is thinking about lunch

 I was able to capture this photograph through the plexiglass with my Hasselblad HD1 camera attached with an HC 50-110 mm lens.

Next we saw a lion and lioness hanging out in the outdoor area; as you can see they could careless we were visiting and photographing them.

I enjoy believing the lion couple have been married for 20 plus years and are sharing a romantic moment

We ended our magnificent day with a short hike outside of Breckenridge to our favorite place, sat by the creek and shared lunch.

The majestic natural beauty of this spot never fails to take my breathe away.

Sydney fell asleep during the car ride home, all those years ago. I am blessed to have this memory of that magical mother /daughter day!

After looking through four to five  photographs I forget about whatever was nagging at my psyche.


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