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On Thursday, February 4th, DF’s product team planned a baby shower for one of their colleagues, Stephanie.  They asked DF if Sydney and I would bake some special treats. Unbeknownst to the team, Stephanie had her weekly doctor’s exam as they sent a company e-mail to all. DF was out of town and assumed someone would let Sydney or I know.  DF’s product team assumed DF would tell us the shower was postponed to February 15th. Luckily we had not frosted nor decorated the cakes and was able to use the cake for another project (we did however still need to design two baby shower cakes for Stephanie’s baby shower).

I thought it would be adorable to pipe royal icing baby animals with a rope border. Sydney picked piglets and elephants for the animals. Now we just needed to decide on the type of cake, filling, and frosting. I was truly pleased with a white champagne génoise cake; we baked for a good friend of Sydney’s. We substituted sparkling white grape juice for champagne. I also wanted to try an egg yolk Italian buttercream instead of egg white buttercream.

Baby Shower Cake:

Meringue powder royal icing recipe was used

We have moved, for recipe visit:

Baby Shower Cake, With Egg Yolk Butter Cream over at 5th Avenue Cake Designs


Prepare your mise en place.

Mise en place

Corn syrup can be substituted for glucose

Medium-low speed

After all the syrup has been added increase the speed to medium

The mixture will break and then turn into buttercream

Frost the cake with a crumb coat.

I leave the yellow color for crumb coat

Frost and decorate.





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