This Stack looks "sweet" (photo credit: Beryl Hall)

This morning I was reading my e-mails, just like every morning, when I came across an e-mail from Stuart McFaul, from California, whom I do not know. I read his e-mail and was touched; he was reaching out to help the owner of B. Hall Gourmet Whoopie Pies in D.C. Beryl Hall. He politely asked me if I would bring some attention to Beryl’s Plithe. Paying it forward as he referred to his request, while reading Beryl’s biography and ambition I couldn’t refuse, she is an amazing woman.

Beryl  has taken a 180 degree turn in career choices, she was not always the passionate “aspiring chef” and owner of a bakery. She was an amorous politician who’s grace and hard work brought her to Washington D.C. were she spent twenty plus years. Beryl gave 110% to Capital Hill where  she worked on eight Presidential Campaigns, served as Chief of Staff to two members of congress, and earned the privilege of working in Bill Clinton’s company.  Now Beryl is at a stage in her life where most women/men would be entertaining retirement. Not Beryl, she is entertaining helping others entertain parties, wedding, graduations with the aide of her spectacular bakery goods.

Wish I could grab one. (photo credit: Beryl Hall)

Once she decided to follow a life long dream of owning her own bakery true to form she dove in with all she had and plus some. Customer service is an understatement to the attention she gives each and every customer. Beryl’s diligence to detail  gives our profession a platinum star; she is the type of chef that helps all of us look good. Not only does she have the vigor of a twenty year old, with the wisdom and experience, she uses only the freshest and finest ingredients. She has been featured in Brides.comUSA Today,  Food and Wine,   Daily Candy Review, and The Baltimore Sun to name a few.

She has accomplished so much in just 3 years

I bet you are wondering why I am calling fellow colleagues to “simper fi.” Beryl rents her space, but must supply her own equipment and is in need of an oven. She found an oven that fits her needs, and is on sale for a limited time (early March 15th). As any entrepreneurs or  small business owners, struggling in this economy, knows this equipment is imperative to keep her business going. She has reached more than half her goal to purchase the oven, but still needs help. Beryl is grateful to any donations. Please help to keep a hard working, conscientious, and brave woman in business. The gratification of knowing you can make a difference will bring a “sweet” smile to your face and warm your heart. You can contact Beryl by e-mail at , visit her webpage or better yet you may go straight to were the donation are going.


Voila! (photo credit: Beryl Hall)

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