Daisies are sweet, adorable, and perfect for a baby shower!

Piping daisies for years has been my nemesis, this past weekend I was asked to create royal icing daisies decorations for cupcakes, for a baby shower. I must admit I thought of trying to talk the expectant mother into another royal icing flower or fondant daisies. I was explaining the situation to Sydney, as I was justifying changing the flower Sydney called me out. She not only was disappointed with my attitude, but convinced me I had the ability to pipe daisies.

The cupcakes and royal icing were sitting on the counter ready to be decorated. The petal tips, bags, and icing nails were all laid out along with the royal icing as Sydney and I approached the icing and supplies, Sydney began to pipe a beautiful daisy. I had the icing nail in hand and cellophane attached; I just stood there unable to start. Sydney was trying to be supportive repeating ” you have the hands, you have the skill, and you have the patience,” now conjure the confidence. She was so convinced I could pipe the daisies, I couldn’t let her down. I decided to use the t-shape parchment paper under the cellophane to insure I piped 12 petals..not 10 or 11. I began to pipe the first petal with Sydney assuring me through the 12th and last petal. As I removed the cellophane with daisy attached the realization hit, finally after years of avoiding piping daisies I had finally achieved a nicely piped daisy.

Piped Daisies:

Almost too pretty to eat!

  • 1-recipe for cupcakes
  • 1-recipe for royal icing
  • 2-tone method
  • Marzipan
  • Fondant
  • Vodka
  • Fondant smoother
  • Fondant mat
  • Fondant roller pin
  • Cupcake cutters, or round cutters
  • Petal tip pme #57R, wilton #101, or ateco #102
  • Leaf tip
  • #2 open tip
  • 1.5 open tip
  • Couplers
  • Piping bags
  • Daffodil or lemon color paste
  • Sunset orange color paste
  • Leaf green color paste
  • Chocolate brown color paste
  • 1- icing nail
  • Cellophane squares
  • Superfine sugar
Prepare mise en place.

Marzipan mise en place

Cut out circles. Roll your marzipan out to a .64 cm/ 1/4-inches thick, using the cupcake cutter or a round cutter that is larger than the cupcake, brush a small amount of vodka over the top of the cupcake, and center the marzipan. Smooth the top of the marzipan and seal the the sides to the cupcake. Repeat the same procedure for the fondant. Allow the marzipan to dry 4 hours to overnight, the same amount of time goes for the fondant.

Prepare you mise en place.

Daisy flower mise en place

While waiting for the fondant to dry begin to pipe your royal icing daisies (this procedure is the same for buttercream). For the two tone method follow the instructions given on the pansy post. Cut  20 1.5-inch/3.8 cm squares of parchment paper with a t-shape guide, and 28 cellophane squares, using the royal as a glue attach the parchment paper guide, and then attach the cellophane square to the parchment paper (for further instructions go to the pansy link).  Add a drop dot in the middle of the t-shape, place the wide end of your petal tip/tube, angling the narrow end slightly up, on the center dot. With even pressure, and the icing nail facing you, begin to pipe as you move the petal 1.28 cm/ 1/2-inch toward the outside edge of the nail. Turn the icing nail slightly counter clockwise, and bring the petal tip down to the starting point (keeping the petal slightly above the nail to achieve a curve.) Continue to pipe petals close together, following the t-shaped guide, each quad should have three petals including the line you began on. Once you have the petals correctly piped following the guide you may remove the t-shaped guide. The guide will help you achieve the 12 petals. Allow the daisies to dry completely; this step can be done days ahead of time.


 For a profile daisy, pipe six petals closely together, using the t-shape guide on the vertical line, and once the six petals are piped, pipe six additional petals slightly smaller, and between the first six petals.

Daisies can be piped in any color you choose

For the orange centers prepare a piping bag with a #2 tip and orange royal icing. Hold the piping bag at an 180 degree angle, begin in the center of the daisy, for the whole daisy and next to the middle petal of the profile daisy. Keeping steady even pressure pipe the center, once the dot is the correct size for the daisy begin to lift the piping bag as you ease off the pressure, and gently release. While the center is still wet sprinkle with super fine sugar.

Once your daisies are dry,  it is time to bring the cupcake to life! Pipe a curved stem line with an 1.5 open tip, add the daisies, a calix if needed. Add a few more stems, and additional leaves. If you are feeling really confident pipe a few buds directly on the cupcake. Allow to dry for a few hours.

I am grateful to have a daughter who believes in me, sometimes more than I believe in myself. Her support, courage, and determination continually astonishes me!

We had an incredible time working together as a team!

Daisies are perfect for the later part of summer!

Enjoy piping a few daisies!


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