fortune cookie tutorial & gumpaste cherry blossom tutorial

Who wouldn’t feel special receiving a Blossom Cupcake?

Sydney started noticing personalized fortune cookies and thought it might be fun if we created fondant fortune cookies with a gumpaste personalized message. I thought it would be perfect to add cherry blossoms gumpaste flowers  with  cherry blossom flavored cupcakes. As I have written prior, cherry blossoms are a major part of D.C. history. Sydney and I FaceTime and Skyped this post together, I must admit it was hilarious to watch us trying to figure the structure of the  fortune cookie over the internet (D.F. was in tears from laughing). There were a few times Sydney became dizzy from my jerking the iPad too quickly, but for the most the virtual baking was easier than I thought. Although I found my self missing Sydney more as we virtually baked together; a few times I asked her grab an ingredient for me.. she had to remind me I would be waiting months until she could grab the superfine sugar to give to me.

Cherry Blossom Cupcake:

Valentine Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

“Pretty in pink!”

Recipe can be found HERE

 Cherry Blossom:

Valentine Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

Cupcake love!

For the tutorial please visit Good fortune Cherry Blossom

flower paste/gumpaste cherry blossom cupcake tutorial


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