royal icing lace tutorial

An Easter basket anyone would be delighted to receive!

I was inspired to create a sugar cookie with frills from a Craftsy video and a beautiful fluted egg cookie cutter I purchased at Copper Gifts. The design is a collaboration between Sydney and myself, we wanted something different and frills seemed perfect. The fondant is a monochromatic pink-purple color as are the frilled wrapped roses. To add an elegant touch we subtly colored the edges of the frills with antique gold lustre. While frilling the section Sydney thought this would be a fun project to create with your children.

For a complete step by step tutorial and Bobbie’s sugar cookie recipe Visit:

5th Avenue Cake Designs

royal icing lace tutorial

This is the one time it is grand to put all your eggs in one basket!

  What at least 2 to 3 hours from baking your cookies to decorating them.

Prepare your mise en place.

royal icing lace tutorial

Covering & decorating the frilled easter egg cookie mise en place

Roll your softened antique white fondant and place in your pasta maker, roll only to 0. (If you do not own a pasta maker roll the fondant to 1/4-inch by hand with a fondant rolling pin). Cut the rolled fondant out with the scalloped egg cutter. Take your “naked” sugar cookie and apply, with a brush,  piping gel, align the fondant scalloped egg with the egg cookie, gently smooth the fondant with your hand from the middle to the outer edge, and repeat with fondant smoothers.


You do not need to let the fondant dry to add the frills. We started in the middle of the egg with the darkest monochromatic color going to the lightest towards the top of the egg and leaving a strip of antique white and then proceeding with the darkest monochromatic color going to the lightest towards the bottom of the egg. Think of painting strips of a boiled Easter egg.

Roll the darkest color of pinkish-purple, place in a pasta machine and roll to #6, you want the fondant to be see through and very thin. Use the scallop egg cutter and cut from the middle to the top, cut a strip from the widest part about 1/2-inch wide. Transfer the fondant to a foam board and using your medium Celstick frill the bottom. Brush a small amount of edible glue to the back and place slightly above the middle of the cookie. Gently smooth the band to attach. Repeat with each color, make sure the colors stay in order from darkest to lightest. For the bottom half place the lightest color 1/2-inch up from the lowest portion of the cookie, make sure to add the frilled monochromatic colors lightest to darkest. Ideally you should have antique white showing on the bottom, top and middle sections.

Open the frills, starting with the first band and place on a small book reader stand upside down. By allowing the cookie’s frill to dry upside down the frills remain open.


The Wrapped Roses

Prepare your mise en place.

royal icing lace tutorial

Wrapped rose mise en place

Place the well kneaded rolled gumpaste in a pasta machine to #7. For a detail tutorial visit Gift Box Cake.

Once all your roses are frilled, wrapped, and dried it is time to petal dust the roses and the frills on the Easter egg cookie! Three rose fit perfectly on the Easter egg cookie.

Prepare your mise en place.

royal icing lace tutorial

Decorating the Easter egg and wrapped roses mise en place!

Start with the cookie frills, gingerly petal dust the frills with fairy pink petal dust, be very gentle the frills are fragile due to the thinness. Once all the frills are dusted to your taste mix your antique gold paint. Place some antique gold in a small container add a few drops of vodka and swirl until the vodka and gold are amalgamated. You do not want the paint to be too thin, nor too thick, if the paint coats the bottom of the container with slight rippling the consistency is great.

With a round #2 brush paint the edges of the frills.

For the rose petal dust with the fairy pink starting in the center of the flower, the darkest color should be in center and become light as the petal blooms outward. If the gold paint has thicken (alcohol  evaporates) and a a drop of vodka at a time until the consistency is right. Using the #2 brush paint the outer edge of each petal.

Assemble the Easter Egg Cookie

Heat some melting chocolate disks in a small microwavable container, dab a drop on the bottom of each wrapped rose (one at a time) place them on the top frill and spray with freeze spray.


The same method would work brilliantly for cupcakes or a tiered cake. I must admit it has been wonderful having my “partner in baking” home. I love baking and decorating pastries, however I enjoy it 100 times more with Sydney! Facetime is an okay substitute, but nothing beats the real sous chef!

Have a Happy Easter!

royal icing lace tutorial

Talk about decorating Easter Eggs!


royal icing lace tutorial



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