royal icing brush embroidery tutorial

What an elegant cookie!

I was showing Sydney a two tone royal icing brush embroidery (that is a mouthful), and she thought the cookies would be a wonderful dessert to create for Mother’s Day. I must say I agree,  the cookies would look exquisite in a clear top box with a blush pink ribbon. In fact I am planning on remaking the exact cookies for my  99 year old grandmother, she taught me my early culinary skills. I can remember when I was in college my grandma would send me care packages of treats. The treats, I admit, did not last long in my dorm or sorority house! I find it apropos  I am sending care package to my grandma as well as my daughter, Sydney.

You will notice I am piping with  parchment cones or cornet; I prefer the parchment paper to a plastic bag for a plethora of reasons first when I am finished using the parchment cone I can throw it away or if I had used a tip it easily can be cut off and the bag can be thrown away. Second I can achieve the smallest hole, smaller than a oo tip for detail work. Third I find my piping is consistent and cleaner with the cone, I can feel the royal icing. Four parchment paper is readily available in my local food store if I run out of triangles I can always create my own triangle from rolled parchment paper.  That being said if I need to pipe grass the tip is very short and I will use a plastic pastry bag. Of course a paling bag is personal preference, use the materials that work best in your hands!

Two Tone Brush Embroidery:

royal icing brush embroidery tutorial

This design is intricate and the original belongs to Eddie Spence.


  • Parchment paper cones or bags
  • PME tip/tune writer 1.5
  • Square # 2 and #4 brush
  • Paper towel dry
  • Paper towel damp
  • PME sponge holder or sponge
  • Small bowl
  • Pin


  • Royal icing, off peak consistency
  • Piping gel
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Food paste, brown, electric pink, golden yellow, green electric green, and pink
  • Fondant cover cookie or glazed covered

Recipe for Ivory colored Royal Icing:

  • 1/8  toothpick electric pink, food paste
  • 1/8 toothpick pink, food paste
  • 1/4 toothpick golden yellow
  • 1/4 toothpick brown

Spring Green:

  • 1/4 toothpick electric green
  • 1/4 toothpick green

For instruction visit:


royal icing brush embroidery tutorial

Two tone royal icing brush embroidery

royal icing brush embroidery tutorial

One of most special memories is decorating treats with my grandmother. Your children or grandchildren will remember decorating these cookies with you forever!


royal icing brush embroidery tutorial


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