How to paint with edible food colors on fondant

What a beautiful edible gift to give to a special person!

Hand painting on edible cookies, cakes, and cupcakes have become extremely popular. Brides love the idea of a fondant covered wedding cake hand painted, the cake becomes a one-of-a-kind exclusive cake for a wedding. Hand painting on fondant, however is not limited  to cakes, you can paint cookies, cupcakes and royal icing, once the top coat has dried; the possibilities are endless.

The method I used is a stroke technique of multi-loading a brush to achieve highlights, shadows and color changes in one stroke! I adore this method of hand painting and couldn’t wait to share this method with you. This tutorial is how to paint the rose. To practice painting roses cover a cake board with fondant, the leaves and buds can be found here!

Hand Painted Fondant:


  • Scharff brushes, 3/8 shader, 1/4 shader, #2 flat, 1/4 rosebud brush and #1 round
  • Painting palate
  • Acetate sheet
  • Paper towel
  • Painting basin, or large glass to hold the water
  • Cake board cover in fondant


  • Food paste
  • Colours and brands, Sugarflair-Pink, & Claret/ or Wilton Pink & Burgundy
  • Ateco Spectrum white
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Everclear or lemon extract
  • Cookie, cake, or cupcake covered in fondant
  • Fondant

Have all materials and equipment ready to go.

If you are painting a cake, cookie, or cupcake be sure to cover them the day before. If you are practicing on a cake board cover the board the day before.

Allow your rose to dry for at least one hour prior to continuing to leaves, berries, & filler flowers. (This is to prevent smudging your hand painted roses.)

Before you begin to paint find a comfortable chair, take a few deep breathes, and have fun!


How to paint with edible food colors on fondant



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