how to  layer colors with an airbrush on fondant video

I love the layers of colors!

With Autumn fully here I decided it might be fun to create some sugar cookie oak leaves with autumn colours. An airbrush is a wonderful method for cake decorating fondant or royal icing. With the airbrush method you have the option to layer a multitude of colors and give a realistic look. The oak leaves have four colours yellow,green, orange, and gold. each colour is visible and subtle, just like a an autumn leaf in nature.

This is a continuation of edible airbrush techniques from the Airbrushed Cornucopia Sugar Cookies Tutorial.  In the cornucopia tutorial, I showed how you can add shadows, low lights, and highlight to add realism to your cornucopia sugar cookie. In this short video tutorial I will show how to layer colours on fondant or royal icing.

Oak Leaf Sugar Cookie:

how to  layer colors with an airbrush on fondant video

It is amazing how life-like these cookies look!


  • Oak leaf cookie cutter
  • Oak leaf veiner or FMM dresden tool
  •  Mini Rolling pin
  • Airbrush
  • Artist brush
  • Empty cup
  • Eye dropper


Most of the equipment and materials can found Here

Once the oak leaf cookies have cooled you can apply the fondant. Knead and roll your fondant to 1/8th of an inch and cut out oak leaves shapes with your oak leaf cookie cutter. Brush a light coating of piping gel on the top of the sugar cookie and apply the oak leaf shape fondant on top of the cookie. Next gently vein the fondant cover cookie with you oak leaf veiner or add veins with a dresden tool, remembering to add a deep center vein.

I used the same effect for Maple leaves and Aspens as well.

If you want to use royal icing instead: colour your royal icing ivory with Ivory food paste for the all over color. A wet on wet technique would be perfect for the leaves; the veins won’t stick out instead they will invert. Allow the wet on wet royal icing to dry overnight. The next day follow the same airbrush method as for the fondant cover cookies.

I hope you enjoy airbrushing fondant/and or royal icing!


how to  layer colors with an airbrush on fondant video


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