learning the secret to gumpaste roses

I am still learning how to create a life like sugar rose

Recently I had member question “why you are giving such precious information for free.” She was referring to: How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose: From Bud to Fully Open Series. The answer is quite simple I love my craft and want to share what I have learned through practice, time, and patience. When I first began creating sugar flowers and roses the information on to how achieve a life like gumpaste flowers was sparse. I have not had any formal training. I learned by trial and error, mostly error, and I wanted to spare the next cake decorator some frustration. The truth is you have to want to put in countless hours of time, pain, patience, and a plethora of practice.

I thought it might be fun and helpful to post my earlier rose works compared to now. I admit I am a perfectionist and sometimes forget the first rule of any craft, you learn by your mistakes. If it was easy it wouldn’t be rewarding.  I have had my share of frustration, I have put so many hours that my back, hands, and brain hurt…And I love every minute of it!

The Sugar Rose:


  • 20,28, and 26 gauge  white wire, cut into thirds
  • 26 gauge green wire, cut into thirds
  • Rose petal cutters, Op # 1 to 3
  • Rose leaf cutter, OP
  • Calyx Cutter, OP & Jem
  • Rose petal veiner, SKGI
  • Spring fine scissors
  • Half width nile green floral tape
  • Tweezers
  • Dusting brushes
  • Smooth ceramic too, HP
  • Celstick
  • Tap mat, ISAC
  • Stay fresh mat
  • Floral foam
  • Foam pad, ISAC
  • Dresden tool, OP or FMM
  • Grove board
  • Edible varnish
  • Metal ball tool
  • Fine nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Sugar paste rolling pin
  • Pasta machine
  • Celcups
  • Plastic storage bag to keep sugar paste when not in use
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch



  • Gumpaste, Fondarific colored pale red
  • Ruby red food paste
  • Christmas red food paste
  • Petal dusts
  • Poppy red,Ck
  • Ruby red, SFCherry Red, CC
  • Coal black,Ck
  • Aubergine,Ck
  • Egg white or edible sugar glue

Most of the materials and equipment can be purchased here.

Here is my first rose; I used a celcup and built the rose inside the cup.

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

The rose are on the thick side with very little movement!

One month later…

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

The petals open too early and my rose doesn’t have a transition!

I built up the confidence to create a sugar fabric rose..

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

This rose resemble fabric and was built in a Celcup!

Here a few roses I have done in last few months…

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

The Glowing Peace Rose

The rose has movement, transition from partially open to open fully.

Sydney’s 21 birthday spray!

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

This spray has lilies and orchids as well as roses.

The Rose series 

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

A full rose with an opening bud and bud spray!

I hope you enjoying learning with me, because I am still learning and hope to always continue to learn.

Once I believe I know everything is the day I know nothing!

learning the secret to gumpaste roses

Practice, practice, practice…

Take advantage of the internet, blogs, videos, books, and ask questions. As always if you have question please leave me a message!

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