how to pipe lambeth method on a sugar cookie

The perfect wedding favor!

I was looking at cookie cutters when I am across Blossom’sWedding Cake – Roses Cookie Cutter & Stamp Set. I placed an order and waited for my cutters (plus a few other fun cake decorating materials). I baked a batch of the wedding cake cookies the night they arrived in the post! The stamp is pretty cool tool and I will show a tutorial on how to use it soon.

Bobbie’s Almond Royal Icing:

how to pipe lambeth method and stringwork video

The square stands give the wedding cookie a WOW factor!

Winter Wedding Cake Cookies:



  • PME holder
  • 1.5 piping tube/tip, PME
  • 43 rope tube/tip, PME
  • 3-Paper cornets, one without tube/tip
  • Ivory food paste, Wilton
  • Toothpick
  • Damp paper towel
  • Calyx cutter #15, OP
  • Mini Rolling pin, CC
  • Dresden tool, FMM
  • Foam pad
  • CelCups 3, CC

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Cover the wedding cookies and 2.5 x 2.5-inch square cookies in an ivory colored fondant, or wedding white. Allow the winter wedding cookies covered with fondant to set for at least 4 hours.

Prepare your parchment paper cones, one fitted with a 1.5 tube/tip, one fitted with 43 rope tip, and one snipped to #1 opening.

Colour your rub down royal icing with 1/4  of a toothpick. Next add water, by a dropper, until you achieve a soft constancy (you are looking for the icing to hold a looped peak of royal icing).

For the 1.5 tube/tip place the royal icing in a nylon knee high and pull the knee high to release the icing. This step will insure your icing doesn’t have any unwanted hard pieces of royal icing, that would clog your tube/tip.

For the cone without a tube/tip you will need off-peak constancy coloured ivory, for attaching the winter wedding cake cookie to the square.

You will want to be in a comfortable chair before you begin piping.

If you find yourself becoming frustrated while piping the strings, put your parchment 1.5 fitted bag either under a damp cloth or you PME holder. Take a 5 minute break and begin working again.

Piping stringwork and decorated borers is a great introduction to decorative border  and Australian stringwork. Piping on a cookie is a lessor commitment than on a entire cake. Dipping you toe in the water.

“so to speak!”

I would enjoy seeing your cookies and feedback, as always I am available for questions. Leave me comment and I will reply.

how to pipe lambeth method and stringwork video

The snowflake blossoms add a special touch!


how to pipe lambeth method and stringwork video


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