glace- candied oranges recipe tutorial

Enticing glacé orange

Glacé fruit is no ordinary gift, it takes at least 3 days to properly candied the citrus fruit, however the succulent taste is well worth the effort. Purchasing glacé fruit can cost at least $60.00 for 2 pounds, therefore when the recipient of the glacé fruit receives your homemade candied fruit they feel honored. It has become a holiday tradition to prepare glacé citrus (mostly lemons and oranges) in our home. We beautifully package the treasured candied fruit, and give them to the specialist of friends.

I have found a crock pot with setting for temperature is the easiest and most convient approach to candying the fruit. If you do not have a crock pot, a large stock pot can be used, keep the heat on low.That being said every crock pot is different, so please be sure to take that in account when following the guidelines. You may need to lower the temperature or amount of time.

Glacé Oranges and Lemons:

glacé oranges & citron recipe-tutorial

I admit saved a few for Sydney and myself!


  • 3 to 4 oranges or lemons
  • 4.5 kilogram/ 22-cups sugar or 1 pound bag
  • 2.6 kilograms/ 11-cups sugar
  • 640 gram/2-cups glucose


  • 1-crockpot, or a stock pot
  • Large stockpot

Prepare your mise en place, wash your oranges and lemons well.

glace fruit oranges & citron recipe

Mise en place, be sure to wash the outside of the fruit well!

Pierce the outside of the fruit with a fine pin and then penetrate the blossom end of the fruit with a long pin taking care to not go through the bottom of orange.

Place the washed oranges and/or lemons in the bottom of a crock pot, cover with enough water to cover the fruit entirely.

In the meantime prepare a simple syrup of one to one ration of sugar and water; 800 grams/ 4-cups of sugar to 948 grams/ 4-cups of water, pour into a measuring jug till cooled and set aside.

After 6 hours empty the water from the crockpot and replace it with the simple syrup.

After the fruit has simmered in the simple syrup for 6 hours turn off the crockpot and leave the oranges/ lemons overnight.

Day 2:

Empty all but 1/2 cup of the simple syrup and replace with a more concentrated syrup, consisting of 1600 grams/ 8-cups of sugar to 948 grams/ 4-cups of water. Pour the syrup over the fruit still in the crockpot. Turn the crockpot on high, uncovered for 1 hour. Than reduce to low, cover , and simmer for 6 hours.

After the six hours, using a slotted spoon check the fruit for any blemishes. If the syrup has evaporated replace it with enough syrup to cover the oranges/ lemons, and allow the the fruit to continue to simmer for six more hours.Once the the fruit has simmered again for 6 hours turn the crockpot off, leave the fruit to bath in the syrup overnight.

Day 3:

Empty all but 1/2 cup of the simple syrup and replace with a more concentrated syrup consisting of 3200 grams/ 16-cups of sugar, 640 grams/ 2-cups of water, 948 grams/ 4-cups glucose follow the same crockpot directions as above; be sure to replenish the syrup as it evaporates.

After the the oranges/lemons have simmered for 12 hours, remove the glacé oranges/lemon to parchment papered covered cooling racks. Allow the fruit to drain gently, overnight. Once the glacé oranges/lemons have been sufficiently drained pour about 1/2-cup of syrup over the fruit.

The first time Sydney and I decided to create glacé oranges and lemons (citron the French word) was after we hand experienced the fruit in France. At the time I had only a smidgen of information on the subject. That first year we must have tried a dozen times, prior to developing this recipe and method.

Glacé fruit is truly a palatable experience.

glacé oranges & citron recipe-tutorial

Be warned glacé oranges and lemons are addicting


glacé oranges & citron recipe-tutorial


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