how to paint any flower design on cakes

Ruffle Sugar Cookie Frame

Edible painting is a wonderful cake decorating technique, that can be a relaxing artistic expression for clients and friends. However several of my readers have contacted me to let me know they are frustrated and although they think hand painted cookies (cakes are beautiful) they hate painting. I want everyone to be successful edible painters; therefore I have created a video tutorial breaking down the strokes and expelling how to achieve elegant painting without frustration.

I will show you how to properly load your brush, the paint consistency, and how to use your brush to create several types of leaves and petals.


  • #flat brush,
  • Foam plate
  • Painters palate, optional
  • Brush Basin, Optional ( a large plastic cup will work too)
  • #2 PME writer nozzle/tip, for the border
  • Paper towels


  • Cake cardboard covered in fondant
  • Royal icing
  • Fondant
  • Food Paste
  • Gooseberry,SF
  • Vine or melon,SKGI
  • Super white
  • Piping gel, clear CK
  • Water

You can find the supplies at Shop 5th Avenue Cakes 

Prior to starting to paint relax, hold you brush to obtain an understanding of how the brush feels in your hand.

Watch the video first and then begin to paint. Stop and start the video as many times as you need to mimic each stroke.

Extra tips for success:

You want to have your brush water to soften the bristle and keep the food paste from going into the ferrule.

When you are ready to use the brush wipe most of the water off brush, you want your brush barely damp (like brush embroidery).

Piping gel is a wonderful edible medium to help allow the paint go further, only load with colours every third or fourth time.

All the leaf stokes are the same for petal strokes.

 For more edible painting HD videos please visit Shop 5th Avenue Cakes!

Hopefully I have taken away your painting frustration, if you have any further question please leave me a message.


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