Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial

Captivating rose-like flower

Lisianthus is a soft, romantic flower that is often mistaken for a rose or peony, due to how the petals bloom (similar to a rose or peony), and is a favorite of mine  for weddings.

Lisianhtus are a versatile flower perfect for wedding cake sprays, and lately the Lisianthus has gained popularity for themed weddings.

In order to recreate the enchanting flower you first need to understand it’s parts. The centre has a pistil, ovary, five “T-” shape stamens, five ruffled petals, and a long skinny calyx . The buds and leaves grow in pairs, and bud itself has little frills tightly wrapped within the calyx.

I thought with wedding season beginning it would be fun to design a video tutorial: How to create a Lisianhtus and Spray.

Flower Paste Lisianhtus:

Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial

Elegant peony/rose-like beauties that takes your breath away!


  • Flower paste
  • Food paste
  • Vine green,SKGI
  • Petal dut
  • Plum, SF
  • African violet, SF
  • Edelweiss, SKGI
  • Daffodil, SF
  • Vine, SKGI
  • Designer yellow,Pollen
  • Edible glue
  • Egg white


  • Rose cutter large, OP
  • Sage leaf cutters
  • Rose veiner, SKGI
  • Basic leaf veiner or Sweet Pea leaf veiner
  • Silk veiner tool, HP
  • PME wheel
  • Floral wire
  • 33 gauge, 26 gauge, 24 gauge, 20 gauge
  • Foam pad, ISAC
  • Soft pink foam, W
  • Ball tool
  • Floral Tape, 1/4-width
  • Angle tweezers
  • “T”-shaped stamens, white
  • Bead tweezers
  • Tiny piece of foam
  • CelCup, optional
  • Small rolling pin
  • Pasta machine, optional
  • Scissors
  • Spring Action Scissors,SE
  • Lighter, otional
  • Flower paste, recipe follows or use commercial

You can find the supplies at Here

Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial

Lindy Smith Flower paste recipe. I have tried several flower paste recipes and this is the best!

The flower paste is tissue paper thin, and fairly easy to work with!

Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial

Gorgeous purple-rimmed blossoms is stunning in a single spray with sugar floral wedding spray

 I find adding a small amount of vine green or bitter lemon softens the harsh white paste (this step is optional).

If you choose a commercial brand your ready. The Lisianhtus’ centre general needs two days to dry, therefore create the pistol and the buds on the same day. If you are creating several Lisianthus flowers and buds, construct a centre for each flower.

I used commercial stamens, if you prefer to construct flower paste (gumpaste) stamens, cut 5 short 33 green (white is fine too) gauge wire. insert a tiny oval shaped piece of paste on the wire, next form the oval into a “T”-shape. The flower paste stamens need to be dry prior to adding the pollen, however you may dust the stamen wet.

If you choose to have Lisianhtus leaves in your spray create them on the same day as  above. This is a great way to organize your time.

I show you how to use a lighter for the wire insertion for the bud, please remember safety first. The wire becomes quite hot, if you have small children you might want to use the floral tape method. Using a lighter to heat the wire caramelizes the flower paste and fuses the paste to the wire. This technique will save time, because you are able to work with the bud in about 30 minutes.

Now that you have all your materials together, please enjoy the video tutorial!

The detailed HD Video..Lisanthus Flower Spray


  Flower centre, and attach stamens…26.50 minutes

 Creating petals, attaching to the the flower centre, and construction of the spray…39.18 minutes

Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial

Give an elegant sugar Lisianhtus to someone special!

Lisianthus bloom in a variety of colours, I love the ones that have tipped colours. I find if you  surf on google you will find the Lisianthus that captures your eye.

Flower paste Lisianthus  video tutorial


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