Learn how to pipe royal icing scrolls

Chandelier scrolls!

Royal icing decorative scrolls always grab your attention. Decorating dainty scrolls can transform any ordinary cookie or cake into a show stopping piece.

This simple circle shape cookie has a new presence once the scrolls have been piped.

Royal icing is the one medium that seems to intimidate a beginning (sometimes seasoned) cake/cookie decorator.

However, with practice, time, and the willingness to fail and than learn from the mistakes you can be a wonderful royal icing artist. The Chandelier piped onto the cookie above is a series of

“C” scrolls, with a little decorative piping.

I am  sharing a video by 5th Avenue Cake Designs, that will step by step show how to

recreate the elegant scrolls on the sugar cookie.

Medallion Filigree Cookies:

Learn how to pipe royal icing scrolls

Piping a border would take the eye away from the design!


  • PME #1, #1.5, or #2
  • #5/0 soft brush
  • 5/0 soft artist brush, for painting the lustre dust
  • Cornstarch
  • Damp paper towel
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Parchment paper cones or plastic piping bags
  • PME holder, optional


  • Royal icing soft peak consistency
  • Food paste
  • Pink, SF
  • Melon, SKGI
  • Ice blue,SF
  • Moss green, Wilton
  • 1-Sugar cookies
  • 1-recipe royal icing
  • Everclear, optional

You can find the supplies here

Bake and cool your cookies.

For the vanilla lemon cooke recipe visit Medallion Filigree Cookies

Once your cookies have completely cooled cover them with either royal icing or fondant. I love the flavor of soft fondant and the royal icing design.


If  fondant is your covering of your choice you will need to allow 4 to 6 hours for the fondant to set.

Royal Icing:

If royal icing is your covering of choice, you will want to use a 15 second topcoat to cover the cookie, and allow 24 to 48 hours for the royal icing to dry completely.

The royal icing must be completely dry.

To Achieve Cold Boiled Water:

I use an electric tea kettle to boil the water, next I allow the water to come to room temperature.

Finally, I pour the room temperature water into a food safe (labeled) spray bottle, and place the spray bottle into the refrigerator.

Once cold, the spray bottle of water is ready to use.

Now that you have all your materials together, please enjoy the video tutorial!

The template for the medallion, and the three sizes, can be found here.

Learn how to pipe royal icing scrolls

Perfect for any special occasion!

Remember a soft artist brush can be your royal icing best friend, as far as tools go!

Learn how to pipe royal icing scrolls



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