Cookies Couture with 5th Avenue Cake Designs Marie Antoinette  Cookie Doll Tutorial

Although Marie Antoinette’s dresses were beautiful, they weighed 20 pounds or more!

I love haute couture inspired cakes and cookies; what better time period than the 18th century Versailles. During Marie Antoinette’s regime fashion was a means

to control the king and queen’s court, “to keep the potentially  dangerous aristocracy in-check.”

In the eighteenth century, the court of Versailles, became the dictating fashion and the best representative of the aristocracy.

Such was the influence that even the social classes that had remained untouched by the changes in dress,

were affected, a phenomenon exacerbated by the publication of fashion magazines, the most important being the “Galerie des modes” published in Paris from 1770.

This tutorial is inspired by both Marie Antoinette and the 18th century, the birth of couture fashion.

Maire Antoinette Sugar Cookie:

Cookies Couture with 5th Avenue Cake Designs Marie Antoinette  Cookie Doll Tutorial

Allow your inner queen pipe (shine) through!


  • PME write #0
  • PME write #1or wilton #1, need 3 nozzles of this size
  • PME write #2 or Wilton #2
  • PME write # 3 or Wilton #3, need 2 nozzles of this size
  • PME petal 57s or wilton 101
  • Cornets or piping bags
  • PME holder,optional
  • Artist brushes, 5/0 and 2/0
  • Paper towel
  • Marie Antoinette cookie cutter, if you would like quote for the custom cutter leave me a message
  • #2 pencil or edible marker


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Recipe of Royal Icing Consistencies Visit Marie Antoinette Cookie tutorial

Please enjoy 5th Avenue Cake Designs Marie Antoinette Cookie video:

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Learn how to pipe a beautiful Marie Antoinette cake and cookie


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