learn how pipe royal icing lace

These fantasy laced rose cookies would be brilliant for a wedding shower!

With lace once again being a romantic and popular choice for brides and weddings, I thought a sugar cookie decorated with a laced fantasy rose laying on a lace background and piped with a lace border would be perfect for a bridal shower or  wedding favors. Not only does lace have an aristocratic touch, but a sense of fantasy. Like my 100 year old grandma says..”All fashion trends recycle you just have wait a century or so!”  All kidding aside it is nice to see lace come back.

This same design would work just as nice on a cake or a cupcake. You would need to adjust sizes and you would have a matching wedding cake or cupcakes!

learn how pipe royal icing lace

The inspiration was Elie Saab wedding 2014

Fantasy Laced Roses:

learn how pipe royal icing lace

You could dust flower in a antique pearl for a tone on tone effect!


  • Lace heart cutter,OP
  • Rose petal cutter, OP
  • Rose veiner, SKGI
  • Tap-it mat, NL or polymer clay mat
  • Celcups,CC
  • Scriber tool, kemper
  • Mini rolling pin,CC
  • Soft  artist bruch
  • Small stamen
  • Square cutters
  • # 1 PME tip/nozzle
  • Pasta machine, optional


For the supplies.

learn how to pipe royal icing lace

You can never go wrong with lace!

Bake you sugar cookies and allow them to cool completely prior to decorating them.

Mix 50/50 of fondant and gumpaste/flower paste, roll the paste to tissue paper thin or a #7 on the pasta machine.

The lace part of the fantasy rose is extremely fragile when it is  dry, therefore it’s a good idea to wait about 3 to 4 hours and then attach the fantasy lace rose. You will want the flower to still be slightly pliable to prevent breakage (dry enough, however to hold the cupped shape).

Pipe a decorative  royal icing lace border. Once the royal icing border has completely dried, paint the board with ever clear.

If you need a refresher watch the antique clock video.

learn how to pipe royal icing lace

I love fashion inspired decorating!


learn how to pipe royal icing lace



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