How to scratch pipe on a tufted open heart cookie video

A white on white design would be exquisite!

I own, as many of us do, a plethora of square cutters. I use them for mini cakes, sugar cookies, and biscuits. I try and use them as much as possible, however I sometimes find myself in a rut. It was literally kismet that I was playing around with scratch piping primroses when this idea for scratch piping primroses on a tufted open heart popped into my head. Primroses have heart shaped petals that matched my tufted heart.

I seem to become engrossed when piping small designs and never know if I like my work until I take a few steps back. I was surprised to see I had designed a primrose garden around the heart and couldn’t wait to video a tutorial for you!

Primrose Garden on a Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie:

How to scratch pipe on a tufted open heart cookie video

This has to be one of my favorite sugar cookie designs!


  • Cookie cutters
  • PME #3 writing nozzle/tip
  • PME # 2 writing nozzle/tip
  • PME St50 small leaf
  • #0 Artist brush
  • Scriber tool


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 Scratch piping is a pressure piping whilst keeping the nozzle/tip on the cookie. Eddie Spence has an entire chapter dedicated to scratch piping.

Pointiers for success; practice pressure piping on royal icing or fondant covered cake dummy. You will need to create a rhythm to pressure piping; start with a bead of pressure, gently release 3/4th the pressure and literally scratch the surface (without lifting the nozzle/tip). Once you the first half of the primrose petal is completed release pressure completely and lift the nozzle/tip, repeat for the second half of the primrose petal and continue around until you have all five petals. Pipe a bead in the centre to finish.

I marked five sections equal distance from each other, to achieve a nice balance.

To achieve the two tone vine an leaf colour.

Royal icing consistency:

How to scratch pipe on a tufted open heart cookie video

Check out the video on the decorated tufted heart!

For primrose scratch piping off peak consistency.

For leaves off-peak consistency.

For vines soft-medium peak constancy.

For the tutorial on the construction of the Primrose Garden Tufted Heart on a Sugar Cookie.

If you have any questions please leave me a message.

I would love to see your tufted heart designs.

How to scratch pipe on a tufted open heart cookie video

Decorating the primrose garden was relaxing and fun!


How to scratch pipe on a tufted tufted heart cookie video


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