how to make gumpaste long stem roses on a cake

Long stem roses take romance to the ultimate level.

I want to thank everyone for there wonderful comments on my sugar rose videos.

To show my appreciation I have combined all 5 videos into one package, all five videos are HD.

I will take you step by step from a bud to a fully-open rose adding wire petals for a realistic look. Plus in the final video, I show how to add a calyx and the rose hip.

You will see how to dust your rose any colour you choose and steam the colour to set.

Long Stem Rose Supply List:

how to make gumpaste long stem roses on a cake

The Black Magic Rose: Looks real!


  • 20,28, and 26 gauge  white wire, cut into thirds
  • 26 gauge green wire, cut into thirds
  • Rose petal cutters, Op # 1 to 3
  • Rose leaf cutter, OP
  • Calyx Cutter, OP & Jem
  • Rose petal veiner, SKGI
  • Spring fine scissors
  • Half width nile green floral tape
  • Tweezers
  • Dusting brushes
  • Smooth ceramic too, HP
  • Celstick
  • Tap mat, ISAC
  • Stay fresh mat
  • Floral foam
  • Foam pad, ISAC
  • Dresden tool, OP or FMM
  • Grove board
  • Edible varnish
  • Metal ball tool
  • Fine nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Sugar paste rolling pin
  • Pasta machine
  • Plastic storage bag to keep sugar paste when not in use
  • Crisco
  • Cornstarch
  • Plastic teaspoons
  • Cocktail stick, or japanese tooth pick
  • Mini rolling pin
  • 26 gauge white wire


  • Gumpaste, Fondarific colored pale red
  • Petal dusts
  • Poppy red,Ck
  • Ruby red, SF
  • Cherry Red, CC
  • Coal black,Ck
  • Aubergine,Ck
  • Egg white or edible sugar glue

Find supplies here

The series consist of :

Lesson 1:Gumpaste Roses-Creating the Rosebud Video 16 minutes

Lesson 2: Gumpaste Roses-Rose in Transition Video 12 minutes

Lesson 3:Gumpaste Roses-Open Rose Phase Video 20 minutes

Lesson 4:Gumpaste Roses-Open Rose Wired Petals Phase Video 18.5 minutes

Lesson 5:Gumpaste Roses-Calyx and RoseHip Video 11 minutes

You can use a smaller version  of the rose to decorate  sugar cookies.

how to make gumpaste long stem roses on a cake

Decorated tufted heart with a rose in the middle!

I am always available for questions and I offer classes.

how to make gumpaste long stem roses on a cake


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