Sugar Paste Tuberoses

Dainty Tuberoses

About two weeks past, I posted a tutorial on how to create an open sugar paste Peony, since then I have had serval requests asking how to create the Tuberose in the peony spray. I chose Tuberoses for their dainty appearance, and the Tuberose is a flower that is both mythical and magical, its nectar  is said to have special powers and its scent is magical to those who experience it. Tuberoses are a popular flower in floral arrangements and their scent is used to produce perfumes throughout the world. The Tuberoses also are one of the filler flowers that can stand on their own in any arrangement, whether it be floral or sugar paste.

how to make gumpaste Tuberoses


Sugar paste Tuberoses:

how to make gumpaste Tuberoses

The color of Tuberose matches most other flowers in a spray!


  • 28 and 20 white gauge wire
  • Small head yellow stamens
  • Ball tool, small or medium
  • Veining or Dresden tool, OP
  • Six petal blossom cutter, OP n1-4 & N5-8
  • Nile green floral tape
  • Ceramic silk tool
  • Artist brushes
  • Wire cutters
  • Fine needle nose pliers
  • Sugar paste rolling pin
  • Patchwork,tap mat, ISAC
  • Foam mat, OP
  • Stay fresh mat
  • Egg white brush, a brush dedicated for egg whites
  • Varicut cutter, Op
  • Groove board, CC
  • Pasta Machine, optional


  • White gum paste
  • Leaf green food paste
  • Electric green food paste
  • Rose pink petal dust, CK
  • Edelweiss, SKGI
  • Violet petal dust, CK
  • Daffodil dust, CK
  • Moss green, CK
  • Nile green Petal Dust, SKGI
  • Egg White
  • Cornstarch
  • Crisco

 Prepare your mise en place, cut your  28 gauge wire into  thirds, and color some of the gum paste light green for the bracts.

Prepare 5 wires with 4 to 6 stamens each taped, with nile green tape, set aside.

The Tuberose Blossom:

Condition your sugar paste with a little crisco, roll out to a thickness that will fit in your pasta machine, roll gradually to #6 thinness, and cut out 3 sizes of the six petal bloom (3 of size N4, 3 of size N5, and 3 of size N6).  On the smallest six bloosom cutter you may need to coax the petal with a fine side of a veining or dresden tool. Place one of the size N4 (smallest) six petal bloom on a foam mat and the rest under a stay fresh mat. With a small or medium ball tool roll gently over each side of the six petals of the bloom, with the ball half on the mat and half off. This will soften the edges and add only a slight movement to the petals. Tuberoses do not have any frill! Place the six petal in your hand softly roll a silk ceramic tool  from one side of the petal to the other, only add a vein impression. With your veining or dresden tool add a centre vein and hollow the centre. Brush the centre with egg white and thread one of your stamen wires through the smallest six petal veiner, and pinch the bottom closed on the wire. Pinch the each of the petal to a point slight cupped closed. Repeat the same steps for the next sizes up of the six petal blossom. Each blossom should slightly cup around the previous blossom.

I created five full blooms and six buds.

The Tuberose Bud:

For the buds you will need a pea size amount of sugar paste, already conditioned. Roll the sugar paste down the wire to create a thin bud. With your veining tool slightly cut three equal space lines on the bud, this will be the closed petals of the bud. Pinch one side gingerly to create a ridge. The tuberose bud are mostly paired and vary in size.

The Bracts:

The bracts are single spaced on the blooms and buds, I found the easiest way to mimic the bract was the use of a varicut cutter. Roll your electric leaf green sugar paste on a groove board transfer to  mat, vein side up. Lay the varicut cutter (A/C1/D1) on the paste and cut. Dip your 28 gauge wire into egg white, wipe off the excesses, and insert through the groove. Soften the edges with the ball tool on the foam pad and roll a silk ceramic tool from one side to the other. Use your veining or dresden tool to create a vein through the centre, and pinch the tip.

Dusting and Assembly:

 Tape the buds, the blooms, and bracts with half width nile green tape half down each wire. Tape pairs of buds to the bract, next tape the bract buds to your 20 gauge wire with nile green tape. Continue taping buds and bracts until all your buds are attached to the 20 gauge wire.  Sydney thought 12 buds would be sufficient for this spray, half on one 2o gauge alone and half with the blooms.Repeat the same method for the second 20 gauge wire this time adding the blooms.


The bracts are fully dusted with vine petal dust and a touch of moss green for depth of color. The smaller buds are dusted with vine green and daffodil, and the larger buds have a touch of violet on the top of the bud. The blooms’ bases are dusted with vine, moving up with edelweiss, and a hint of rose mixed with violet dust. I also dusted the stem with a mixture of vine and moss green.

Sprays are fun to arrange for cakes and Tuberoses are always the perfect filler flower.

Learn how arrange beautiful  sugar paste flowers for wedding cakes

Bend the wire to look lose and natural!


how to make gumpaste Tuberoses


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